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  3. Business.
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    The W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.




  7. Business in London
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    Business in London
    Walking along one side of the Thames after visiting some museums brought us to this business district. There was a misty rain for most of the day, so it set down a nice sheen of reflection. There’s a tiny water canal that runs through the center here, and the line leads right to the Tower Bridge, which you can see in the distance.

    from the blog www.stuckincustoms.com




  9. Business Portrait
    Photo fromTortured Mind
    BTS: torturedmind.org/business-portrait/

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  11. Alaskan wilderness business
    Photo fromJLS Photography – Alaska
    I thought some of my more urban Flickr friends would get a kick out of this tiny all purpose business, located in Glennallen Alaska. Not too many people can fit inside – so I guess it would be called "cozy" – but then . . . they do seem to have a lot to offer in such miniscule surroundings. 😉
    **(Click on image and pick a large size, to read all the signs and what is offered.)




  13. Business Card (png file)
    Photo fromdocpop
    This is the back side of my new business cards. The image was originally built from a screenshot (inside of my contacts) but I retouched everything for a higher quality print.




  15. Business school
    Photo fromkevin dooley
    W. P. Carey School of Business.




I have a problem that I want to get dealt with, but it is kind of a tricky problem due to a number of factors. Still, I am pretty confident that there has to be a good solution to the problem,and I want to make sure that I can figure out what that solution is. I am reading about Canada geese control in NJ because the problem that I am having is with an overabundance of Canadian geese on my property. I am not sure what makes them like my property so much, but it seems like there is an abnormally high population of them around here.

I wish that they would just go away, but I do not think that is going to happen without doing something to get them to go away. I think the easiest way to handle the problem would just be to shoot them all. Shooting them all would provide the added bonus of being able to have a lot of nice geese dinners. Unfortunately, you can’t kill the geese, or at least, you can’t kill them legally anyway. Read more…

It is not that big of a deal in reality, at least it is not like I am going to make a lot of money at this. I am sort of the errand boy for a tree service in Queens NY. My job is whatever needs to be done. The big thing is that I am the driver for a guy who does the climbing and the cutting. He has a suspended license and can not drive himself. I have not asked him why he has no license yet and he has not volunteered. However every night when I take him home we stop by a liquor store and he starts drinking before he gets out of the truck. Read more…

We took a road trip. Our plan was to buy an RV and go traveling. We decided to stay in budget motels instead. We had a fabulous time over the winter and into the early summer. We were home for a couple of months when we had to call for bed bug removal in NYC. Somewhere on our trip staying at one of the budget motels we picked up the critters and brought them home with us. The experts in bed bugs said they probably came home in our luggage on our clothes. Is that creepy or what?

I was surprised to have bites after we were home and not while on the road. We actually were trying to be careful about that. We brought and washed our own linens. That is probably how they hitched a ride. We would put the dirty linens in a mesh laundry bag, stop at a laundromat, wash them and then put them on the bed at the next hotel. Read more…

I have always dreamed of buying a piece of property and fixing it up myself to hopefully flip. I have seen so many shows on TV that do that, and it just really sparked my interest enough to finally look at some fixer upper houses and buildings to see if I could afford one. The great thing about these types of properties is that they come so cheap because a lot of things need to be done. I already knew that I would need to find a company that does roof installation in Brooklyn NY the moment I spied the house that I wanted.

It is an old Victorian looking house, and it definitely needs a lot of tender loving care. I am quite handy at a lot of things, but putting on a whole new roof is not one of them. I knew that we were going to need a professional roofer to handle that before we started on anything else. Read more…

When I first started out as a streamer on Twitch, I had only one viewer, and that was myself. I was streaming all of the same games as the other streamers, but no one else was coming to my channel. I had to do something to get my viewer numbers up. I tried promoting my stream in other streamers channels, but they didn’t like that too much. I tried using social networks, but that didn’t help much either. The only thing that actually gave me any results was deciding to buy twitch views.

Buying viewers helped me to get my channel featured on the front page of Twitch. Read more…

If you put a wrench to anyone’s car for money, you need to have a few things in order. You have to have your business license, and you really need to have motor trade insurance. I got mine when I went to http://motortradeinsurance.tripod.co.uk. Think about how much automobiles cost these days. Do you have enough in your bank account to cover the cost of one vehicle if something goes wrong? Think about what can go wrong. That car in your repair garage may be destroyed if there is a fire. It may fall off a lift. Someone may steal it. You may make a mistake in repairs, or a part you install may fail. Any of this can open you up to liability in the court system. Read more…

After my father passed away, he left me his house, and it is a pretty nice house. However, it needs a lot of work, before I will be able to sell the house, and that is what I intend to do with it. I do not see much of a reason to keep it in my possession. I did grow up in the house, but I am not attached to it. Anyway, I would like to find a painter in bergen county nj that specializes in painting houses, because I know that the house could really benefit from a nice paint job. A lot of the paint has flaked off over the years, and it really looks bad. I am not sure what causes paint to peel off, and flake, but I hope that a better quality of paint is applied to the house this time around. Read more…

I just recently purchased a house in Texas that I am going to use as a second residence for my family, and I want to make sure that it has all of its utilities hooked up in the near future. We are not going to be moving into the house on a permanent basis, but rather, it is going to be a sort of vacation home for us. As such, I am looking at this site now, called: http://energyproviderstexas.com to try to find a suitable energy provider for my new house. I hope to try to get the lowest electricity bill that I can, as I spent a little bit more money on this new house than I probably should have.

The house that I bought is on the gulf coast of Texas, which makes it even better suited to be a vacation home to use during the summer. Read more…

I bought a house a few years ago, and I truly did love everything about it. It is a charming cottage that is surrounded by trees, and I just saw complete and total beauty in it. I never expected that I would need to find a company that does tree removal in Asheville NC within just a few months of buying the house. What happened was just a random thunderstorm that brought a good bit of lightning with it. One of those bolts of lightning struck a tree right by the cottage, and it brought a good bit of it down.

I knew that the entire tree was going to have to come out, but it was just too big of a job for me. I wanted to find a company that had experienced workers who have taken out trees before. I also wanted to make sure that they were insured, because it could lead to a lot of problems if the tree did any damage to the cottage. Read more…

The ketubah is traditional in Jewish marriages. It is sort of a prenuptial agreement but not like you might think of in the traditional sense. To me, they are more about protection for the bride rather than limiting what a spouse would get in a divorce. They are looked on in a far different way than what regular folks might think about prenuptial agreements that are not Jewish. My wife and I had one so special that we got an anniversary ketubah to celebrate our 25th anniversary. The promises I made in the original were almost all fulfilled with all of the ones about honor being fully kept. I made her some new promises, and renewed my vows to make good on the couple of remaining ones in the original ketubah. Read more…

I am a typical parent in that I wanted my son’s birthday party to be one that he would remember for the rest of his life. A kid only turns 10 once, and it is a milestone at that age to go into double digits. I did an online search to get ideas for a kids birthday party in Singapore, and I knew within minutes what I was going to do for him. He has been on a magic kick lately, but it never dawned on me to find a magician that would perform at his party.

When I saw this company that does things from magic shows to face painting and balloon sculpting, I knew that it was what he would like best. Read more…

As technology continues to grow, it seems like many of the problems that held companies back in the past are quickly disappearing. For example, it seems like every business now needs a website but in order to offer more functionality than a static HTML page, it takes a proper setup to ensure everything runs smoothly. This generally requires more power and control than what is found when renting from a shared hosting company, so many people are turning to a new platform. Using a cheap Windows VPS, companies can get the power of a full server without having the associated costs and problems.

For starters, having a dedicated server means that the hardware being used is reserved exclusively for your company. This means that the cost of it will be fully absorbed into your pricing and the responsibility for keeping it working or up to date is generally up to your efforts or your bank account. However, when the hardware is shared then the costs associated with keeping it up to date and fully optimized can be split amongst clients and ultimately cut down on pricing and staffing considerably. Read more…

With the advances of modern medical technology making news every day, it’s disheartening that the Herpes Simplex Virus seems to remain one of the most stubborn diseases that mankind has ever had to face down. Despite the effectiveness of the modern day Herpes treatment for infected individuals, the virus has continued to exist and continues to be passed on generation after generation for a myriad of reasons, the least of which due to the lack of general information regarding infection routes and sexual education. Here in the United States, you would be surprised by just how few people seem to understand what Herpes is and how it can effect them.

Even I didn’t know that Shingles was related to Herpes or that an infection route for genital Herpes could come from an orally infected individual. Herpes is without a doubt one of the most stubborn and persistent viruses in the modern world, impacting millions of people world wide and looking as if it will never slow down. Read more…

  1. The F-100 Super Sabre is a 2nd gen fighter. 4th gen fighters include the F-14, F-16, and the F/A-18c hornet. These are american examples of fourth generation fighters. More info on fighters can be found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fighter_aircraft. Please use this address for any comparisons.

    Answer by Huba
    Doubtful. Even the F-15 is being phased out due to the higher capabilities of the newer planes.

    In it’s original configuration the armament was no where near as sophisticated as today’s planes.

    With that in mind, ultimately it may come down to the pilot; a great one in a 2nd rate plane can compete with a poorly trained one in a superior airframe.

  2. I know that in order to start applying for the F-1 visa, i would need to be accepted into a school, but what if I am planning to go to a public school? How would I get the public school F-1 Visa?
    Once I get it, all I need is to sign up for the district high school my guardian is located in?
    Also, after I get it, can I renew it after 12 months?

    Answer by CPG

    There is only one type of F-1 visa.

    It makes no difference if you are accepted to a private or public school. Both institutions will issue you with the Form I-20 and once you have this you would apply for the F-1 visa from the embassy in your home country.

    I am not familiar with the procedures or the requirement to sign up for ‘the district high school’ nor do I really understand this part of your question. Perhaps someone else can clarify this for you, as it is 4:30am here.

    If your third question is regarding can you renew your F-1 visa after 12 months when attending a public high school. Then the answer is no, students who attend public high schools in the U.S. are limited to twelve months of study.


    Carrying on from my last paragraph.

    If you are attending a private or public university (not high school), then when you enter the United States on a student (F-1) visa, you will usually be admitted for the duration of your student status (often abbreviated in your passport or on your I-94 card as “D/S”). That means you may stay as long as you are a full time student, even if the F-1 visa in your passport expires while you are in America.

    If you were not admitted for the duration of your student status and want to renew your F-1 visa you will need to provide:

    – A passport valid for at least six months
    – Form DS-156, together with a Form DS-158. Some applicants will also be required to complete and sign Form DS-157. Blank forms are available without charge at all U.S. consular offices and on the Visa Services website under Visa Applications Forms
    – A receipt for visa processing fee.
    – A new I-20 or an I-20 that has been endorsed on the back by a school official within the past 12 months, stating your new length of studies.

    If you need any further guidance then feel free to contact me directly.

  3. Suppose V is a connected open subset of C and f:V → C is holomorphic. Show that, in compact subsets of V, f has finitely many zeroes.

    Thank you.

    Answer by Steiner
    Well, this is certainly true if f is not identically zero. You, of course, forgot to add this assumption to your assertion. So, I’ll suppose that f is not identically 0. If this is the case, your assertion follows from the following theorem, whose proof you find in any book on Complex Analysis:

    Let V and f be as in your assertion and let Z(V) be the set of all zeroes of f in V. If Z(V) has a limit point in V, then f is identically 0 in V (this follows from the fact the holomorphic functions are given by power series).

    Suppose K ⊂ V is compact. Then (Heine/Borel theorem), K is closed and bounded. So, Z(K) = {z ∈ K : f(z) = 0} is bounded. If Z(K) is infinite, then (Bolzano/Weierstrass theorem) Z(K) has a limit point a. Since Z(K) ⊂ Z(V) and Z(K) ⊂ K, a is automatically a limit point of both Z(V) and K. Since K ⊂ V is closed, a ∈ K and, therefore, a ∈ V. We conclude Z(V) has a limit point in V (the domain of f). According to the theorem we mentioned, f, contrarily to our assumption, is identically 0. It follows that, in every compact subset of V, f must have finitely many (possibly none) zeroes.

    The assumption that f is not identically 0 is, of course, essential for your assertion to be always true for every connected and open subset of C.

I have a meniscus that flips over in my knee from time to time. It makes my knee want to buckle when the pain hits. This is why I hold onto the banister every time I descend a flight of stairs now. It does not hurt going up the stairs, just when I go down. And even then it does not bother me all of the time. The orthopedist told me that it will flip back into place and then not hurt. I looked for the best knee brace I could find to help support my knee when it acts up on occasion.

I wanted something that I could wear with any sort of outfit I happen to need for the day. Read more…

I just got home after going to visit an old friend for a few days. He moved up to Toronto about six months ago and I have always wanted to go up there and see the sights. People always told me how beautiful it was and how many great things there are up there to see. This is true, he told me the only thing he really did not like was that he got the Netflix Canada. It is apparently somewhat different, he showed me and of course a lot of the stuff that you see listed is obviously Canadian. Him and I had very little idea what many of them were really about. Obviously we did not watch Canadian TV when we were growing up and we just do not recognize much of it. Read more…

My mother is rather old, and she was recently afflicted with quite a devastating medical problem. She had a stroke about two weeks ago, and it has had some fairly profound effects to her body. Luckily, her mind seems to be untouched, for the most part, and that is great. However, she is partially paralyzed now, and I would like to find senior home care in brooklyn ny to hire for her, because I know that she will not be able to take care of herself, and live on her own, anymore.

However, she refuses to give up residence in her house, and says that she wants to die there. I do not think that is a very reasonable stance on the matter, but my mother has never been the most reasonable person in the world. Rather, she is a person that knows what she wants, and does not often change her mind, once she has made it up on a matter. Read more…

I was reading information about gout at the Craysor website. I knew that purines were causing my gout, but I did not know much about them. I heard that some foods were higher in purines than others. Organ meats such as liver and kidneys are high in purines, but some grains, beans and other otherwise healthy food items can have high amounts of purines too.

Lowering purines can lower the amount of uric acid crystals that build up in your joints that cause gout pain. Taking a prescription gout medication can also lower your uric acid levels thereby lowering your chances of getting painful build ups of crystals in your joints. I wanted to try the natural approach to lowering purine levels to manage my gout. Read more…

One problem that frequently plagues deep fryer owners is that their frying oil often spoils after just a few uses – make sure you read these home deep fryer reviews to find the best deep fryer for you. With these few simple tips you can make your cooking oil fresh for months without going rancid, improve the taste of your food and cleaning your electric deep fryer will be a breeze. Many electric deep fryers now come with a filtration system that will filter out small bits of leftover batter and food floating in your frying oil. However, if you have a more spartan or older model, you’ll have to filter your oil manually. Filtering oil is a messy job, but it is necessary to keep your oil fresh and to prevent leftover foods from leaving a bad taste. If you don’t dean out your cooking oil periodically, foods you fry in dirty oil will absorb flavors from old foods and might even taste burnt from leftover food particles.

First, find a large deep container to store your oil in. Then get a mesh strainer and place it over the container. Pour out your dirty oil into the strainer slowly and wait until all the solid particles have filtered out of the oil. Read more…

When I told my family that I wanted to start a business from the ground up, I meant it literally. I wanted to create a clothing store that would carry my own designs, and the first step to that was actually building the store. Of course, I didn’t have enough money to build a store from scratch, so I did the next best thing and purchased a building that needed repairs. The building was in good condition, but needed a new roof, so I contacted a company to perform commercial roof installation in Essex County NJ.

The roof was one of the last things standing in the way of my store being complete. I suppose I could have sold clothes in the front of the store and not worried about the building, but that would have created many problems. The installation of the roof didn’t even take that long to accomplish. Read more…

Hopefully, the article above has given you some helpful tips to use on training your own children. There are so many decisions to be made while raising a child. Remember, that children are a gift, expected or unexpected. Enjoy! Children should know that life can sometimes be difficult and the trials should be met head on. From seeing you deal with the challenges that life presents, your children will learn problem-solving skills of their own. Your children cannot always be bubble-wrapped away from the realities of the world.

If your baby is irritable and not relaxing as quickly as you want him to, head to the bathroom with him. Make yourself comfortable on the toilet and rock your baby as you have the exhaust fan and the faucet running. These sounds mimic the sounds of the noise of the heartbeat in the uterus.

Many parents these days are not getting all the shots necessary for their child. In fact, according to a recent study, more than 1 in 10 children are not getting their shots. A part of the reason for this is that many parents grew up without any significant interaction with the diseases that children need to get shots for. They also believe that because other children are getting the shots, their child will be protected through herd immunity. However, this is just a false sense of security because these diseases can be life threatening. It is incredibly important that parents listen to their pediatrician and get their kids their shots.

When treating common children’s cold and flu symptoms, always check the active ingredients in his or her medications whether it is an over-the-counter or prescription medicine. These products contain multiple ingredients that are commonly found in a number of medications. Rather than risk an overdose, it is safest to use only one medication unless otherwise directed by a pediatrician. A good way to do make sure this is completed is to have a yearly savings plan, and make sure you meet it. Also, parents must resist any urges to dip into these savings as it can be not only difficult to pay back but, also more difficult to resist future urges.

When parents approach children with anger, children begin to experience guilt. They should keep a firm grip on angry feelings when dealing with their children. If you show anger to your kids they can be emotionally damaged and you will show them it is okay to be angry. It’s especially important to stay calm if your child had good intentions but messed up in some way. Raising a child can be very difficult, it can also be one of the best adventures you will ever go on. Follow the tips here if you want to improve your skills and feel more confident about your parenting. Anyone can become a more effective, loving parent!

Raising a child is hard work, and no amount of advice or preparation can change that. Preparation and knowledge can have an effect, though, on the results that hard parenting work brings. A helpful tip at the right time can make the parenting process much easier. Continue reading to get a few tips that might solve some child-rearing problems.

Let you child see you eat healthy foods. Whole grains, different varieties of vegetables and fruits should be part of your diet. Your child will be more willing to grab something healthy for a snack rather than junk food.

Avoid the temptation to push your youngest child to do something like walk or potty-train at a certain age simply because an older sibling was able to achieve the ability at that same age. Children mature at different rates, and trying to force things could cause unwanted developmental delays. Children want to be useful, to belong, and to have a sense of autonomy. When you provide them with household chores to do while you do your chores, you help them attain these goals. Let your child put away the silverware when you unload the dishwasher. When you are folding clothes, have your little one help you by sorting out a load of socks. These little tasks will help your child feel involved and responsible, while helping you out at the same time.

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Progressive implant placement restores patients ability to smile with confidence, eat their favorite foods and speak clearly.

Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) December 19, 2014

Jacksonville FL dentist Dr. Eric Burgess of the Burgess Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is excited to announce that he has completed training with the OsteoReady Implant System. This minimally-invasive implant technique can provide patients with implant procedures that require fewer appointments, less healing time and less pain then traditional implants. Whats more: most patients report feeling little to no post-operative pain after having implants placed with OsteoReadys minimally-invasive techniques.

Sadly, statistics show that 70% of adults ages 35 to 44 have lost at least one permanent tooth to an accident, gum disease, a failed root canal, or tooth decay. Furthermore, by age 74, 25% of adults have lost ALL of their permanent teeth, resulting in uncomfortable and unstable dentures.

Dental implants, which have a 98% success rate, are made of titanium metal that fuses with the jawbone through a process called “osseointegration.” Dental implants never slip, make embarrassing noises or suffer decay like teeth. Once dental implants are integrated with the bone, they look identical to your natural teeth and perform the same role: allowing you to chew, smile and laugh freely.

Dr. Eric Burgess is proud to offer this progressive treatment and looks forward to restoring the smiles, confidence, and most importantly, oral health of many patients.

If you are interested in receiving some of the most dynamic and forward-thinking implant placement care in the country, please dont hesitate to contact the Burgess Center for Cosmetic Dentistry at (904) 273-3001 or drb(at)burgesscenter(dot)com

1-American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons. http://myoms.org/procedures/dental-implant-surgery